Sunday, September 17, 2017

It feels weird: OTRB Precious

Not having Precious around feels really strange.

Saying goodbye to her was tough, but very peaceful as we both acknowledged that her little body could not take the pain that was beginning to take over her existence.

If you have read this blog at all, you know that Precious was my road dog. The one constant in my life (other than my human family) that I could always count on to brighten my day.

I'll admit, at times, I depended on her as much as she depended on me. We were cool like that.

Saying Goodbye to Precious

Thank you all for loving the Precious
While I posted about Precious on Twitter and Facebook, It has taken me this long to post about it on her blog. 

The last gift Precious gave to me was her approval of Rocky. As the last of the Strays in the hood (in our house at least), Rocky has been a precious addition to my heart and Precious approved.

People have told me I need to revise the children's books that I wrote about Precious and I promise that I will after a little more time has passed. 

I am now sharing Rocky's experience on social media. Follow him on Instagram @RockyThePitBull918 and on Twitter @RockyThePit918

Cheers to you all #Precious #OTRB 

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